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  • Corinn Griesedieck


Such an interesting concept- let's not have a sip of fun during the most dreary month of the year when spirits are low and bank accounts are tight following the holiday rush! NO THANKS- especially this year with the pandemic still in full force. No judgement on anyone wanting to make a healthy life change BUT we say life is too short, buy the dress and have the glass of bubbles while you are at it! January is also an awkward time of year for shopping because you are coveting fresh and vibrant new Resort and Spring clothes, but its still freezing cold everywhere in the country (including CHS). Luckily this is one of the best times of year for shoppers looking to find a great deal- might as well take full advantage of our timeless coats and cozy sweaters now on sale, you are definitely going to need them for at least another month. The good news is we are over half way through this month, warm weather is on the horizon!


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